Every workshop is unique because each client and every audience is unique. I did some “off the shelf” workshops until I grew tired of canned solutions and decided to create each workshop fresh. I start by focusing on your needs, not on our programs.

I love the challenge of working with diverse groups and have had great success with construction workers, executives, teachers, line workers, engineers, psychiatrists, teachers, judges, surgeons and more. While each audience is unique, all are similar in their need for relevant material that is presented in an interesting, fun, engaging and respectful way.

Below are brief overviews of my most common topics. The topic is the starting point; the final product is always uniquely adapted for the audience. For more information on a topic, please click the link. I also design workshops on other topics and have frequently presented supervisory skills, customer service and team skills workshops.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
Positive is the word that sums up Ai. Ai helps people appreciate what is best about themselves and their organization and find ways to help the best appreciate in value. While I present Ai as a distinct topic, the Ai approach is a part of all my work.

Presentation Skills
Public speaking has been ranked as Americans’ greatest fear and which makes presentation skills one of the biggest opportunities for improvement in most organizations. People who can organize and present information with skill, clarity and flair are invaluable. Participants learn skills, practice presenting and get feedback in a non-threatening and fun learning atmosphere.C

Leadership Development 
Yes, leaders are born, but aren’t all of us? Leadership is about influence and we can all learn to influence and lead. Everyone in an organization can develop leadership skills! My leadership work is based on Appreciative Inquiry and emphasizes a positive approach to finding and bringing out the best in people.

Juggling (Honest. Have look.)
I use juggling in many workshops to teach coaching, self-mastery, the power of self image, learning skills, and more. People actually learn to juggle and have great fun!