People should leave every talk, no matter how brief, changed in some way; inspired, moved, energized, relaxed, enlightened – anything but bored.

Below are some of my common talks. I use these topics as a starting point and then tailor each talk to meet client needs.

The Art of Juggling
This is an interactive juggling workshop where everyone learns to juggle using scarves (much easier than balls for beginners). It’s a blast! No, I’m not a clown, but who says you have to paint your face to have fun? The content of the workshop varies according to the needs of the client. Peak performance, positive image, stress management, lifelong learning, creativity and the importance of play and fun are themes of this talk that really livens up a group.

The Appreciative Approach
This talk provides an introduction to the powerful perspective and process of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). AI gets much better results than our habitual problem solving approach by focusing on strengths and assets instead of problems and deficits. This positive and effective approach can be applied immediately to help people appreciate what is working well and release the energy of hope and optimism.

The Reality Paradigm
So much energy is wasted in life when we don’t accept some simple facts about the world: people are screwed up, organizations are screwed up and all this screwed up-ness can be fun. Lighten up and laugh a little. Admit that Dilbert has it right and stop the struggle. Once you embrace the humor of it all, you can make things better with a realistic sense of hope.

The Creative Edge
What organization can’t use a dose of creativity? This talk helps participants bust out of ruts, routines, and the prison of “that’s the way we’ve always done it” to see the world fresh and come up with innovative approaches. In a world of breakneck change, the creative will have the edge.

“Excellent. He understood my expectations and changed an existing program to something that was applicable to this group. His delivery was outstanding as he adjusted to the day and the group knowledge.”

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