I use an Appreciative Inquiry approach to find when a team has functioned at its highest level and help the group make its best moments more consistent.

Traditional teambuilding often focuses on uncovering and fixing team problems. While the approach is sometimes effective, it often backfires as the 
problem-solving focus pushes down morale and increases defensiveness. Instead of problem-solving, I help the team find what is working, build a positive vision of success and then develop important team skills to achieve excellence.

Meeting planning and facilitation
Effective meetings begin with clear goals, stay on tack to get results, and end with concrete action plans. Instead, many meetings drift, flounder and result in frustration and wasted money.

We help from start to finish by:

  • Helping clients articulate clear and realistic goals
  • Designing agendas and process that will reach meeting goals
  • Facilitating meetings to keep the group on track, make efficient use of time, and get everyone involved
  • Producing a summary of the meeting for quick distribution

We use a variety of meeting processes including Storyboarding and Open Space Technology to design and facilitate effective meetings.

Strategic Planning
We see the planning process as being every bit as important as the plan that is developed. Using an Appreciative Inquiry (Ai) approach, we help design a process that engages individuals in positive conversations that uncover the best of what the organization has been and possibilities for the future. Unlike the traditional SWOT approach (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) that can leave people feeling overwhelmed by a focus on negatives, the Ai approach brings energy and hope and delivers a solid plan for the future.

I often use coaching with a client as a part of organizational consulting.Coaching leaders within an organization is often an important element of Appreciative Inquiry, Strategic Planning and Teambuilding.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with John Steinbach and I’d gladly recommend him to work with you and your organization for the following reasons:

John is a consummate consultant, in that, he’ll work with you to discover what you’re really trying to accomplish (your purpose). He’s results oriented; your participants will leave “in action” – knowledgeable of their next steps, who’s responsible for what and what the outcomes are supposed to be. You’ll find him to be responsive – returning calls and e-mails. He’ll listen to you and interpret your specific needs accurately. Outwardly he may appear spontaneous, but on the inside he’s very methodical – you’ll notice that his transitions make sense. One of John best qualities is his ability to provide timely, meaningful feedback in an appreciative manner. And, best of all – his work will result in specific improvements for you and your group. What more could you ask for? If you want to work with someone who’s easy-to-work with, makes you smile, and creates meaningful results – employ John Steinbach.”

– Gary W. Kebschull, Senior Staff Consultant, Verizon Communications