Coaching, Supervisory, Presentation, and Leadership Skills, Career Enhancement, Appreciative InquiryCoaching, Supervisory, Presentation, and Leadership Skills, Career Enhancement, Appreciative Inquiry
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Coaching, Supervisory, Presentation, and Leadership Skills, Career Enhancement, Appreciative Inquiry
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One-on-one coaching is a powerful method to help people develop. I've coached people on supervisory and leadership skills, career enhancement, presentation skills, the use of Appreciative Inquiry (Ai) and much more.

My job as a coach is to listen deeply and help my client find answers. Like much of my work, I use Appreciative Inquiry as a core process in my coaching. This means I ask questions to help clients find strengths to enhance rather than uncover weaknesses to correct. This focus on strengths helps people develop rapidly and find increased energy for important changes. Coaching with AI helps clients see the fluid story that is at the center of their self-perception and performance and then construct the most beneficial and positive story possible.

"After years of working with mediocre coaches, John appeared! His ability to listen for what's working in my business and life and his commitment to develop my natural abilities is highly inspiring and motivational. John offers me more possibilities than I can see. I appreciate his call structure and follow-up that keeps me moving in the direction I say I want to go. John helps me see I have all the tools I need to tackle the challenges ahead of me."
-K. D., Entrepreneur and Coach

I fill a variety of coaching roles:

  • Asker of questions to help clients find strengths and possibilities
  • Listener for energy
  • Resource for material that will help a client
  • Guide to keep clients focused on goals, commitments and progress
  • Idea source for new ways of seeing situations
  • Honest partner who will give clear feedback
  • Connecter to resources and ideas

My coaching approach is flexible, focused on the future, and positive.

I start a coaching relationship with a free phone conversation of 15 to 30 minutes to see if my style fits the needs of a client. Please feel free to contact me to take advantage of of this free service to see if coaching is right for you or a member of your organization.

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Partial Client List
American Electric Power
American Red Cross
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Ball State University
Boys and Girls Clubs
Brooks Construction
Cummins Engine
Eli Lilly and Company
General Motors
Habitat for Humanity
Hughes Electronics
Iron Out
Lincoln National Life
Louisville Gas & Electric
Old Kent Bank
Purdue University
Purdue Extension
Reynolds & Reynolds
Standard Telephone
Tri State University
United Way
Vera Bradley Designs
Zollner Pistons

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