Client and Participant Quotes:

“Our organization presents a unique training challenge. Construction workers hate to be inside and hate to sit still! John’s active, engaging, and energetic teaching style is a perfect match for our needs!” 
– Kathy Kolb, Director, Human Resources, Brooks Construction

“I have, in my days on the planet, encountered a number of good mediators, top notch folks who work to realign people and businesses and families in positive directions. You are one of the best I’ve seen.”
– Robin Brennan-Perez, Teacher

“After years of working with mediocre coaches, John appeared! His ability to listen for what’s working in my business and life and his commitment to develop my natural abilities is highly inspiring and motivational. John offers me more possibilities than I can see. I appreciate his call structure and follow-up that keeps me moving in the direction I say I want to go. John helps me see I have all the tools I need to tackle the challenges ahead of me.” 
-K. D., Entrepreneur and Coach

“I thought I was a positive thinker. Now, I have new ways to use an appreciative approach in all areas of my life and re-think some old habits. Great job, John! Excellent style, format, and overall experience.” 
– Lisa Hanger, Indiana Association of United Way, Vice President for Training

“John actively engages his audiences as well as any trainer I know. His knowledge and interest in his topic makes you instantly want to learn and he always passes on practical information you can take back to the work environment and use immediately. If you want a positive, uplifting day of training, John is the person for you.” 
– Gerald W. Lung, Associate Director, Center for Organizational Resources, Ball State University

Anonymous Participant Feedback:

“This exceeded my expectations. I really now see the real power of this approach (Appreciative Inquiry) – not to deny problems but to move to a higher level that fits everyone. John Steinbach was wonderful. Thanks you!”

“John, I’ve been a trainer for 14 years and it takes a lot to impress me, but I have to say I am impressed – what a pleasure.”

“I felt the most beneficial parts of the session were John and his ability to demonstrate practical, real life examples and applications.”

“Excellent. He understood my expectations and changed an existing program to something that was applicable to this group. His delivery was outstanding as he adjusted to the day and the group knowledge.”

“John Steinbach is wonderful – kept class moving forward with energy. Great knowledge of subject and made class fun.”

“John was excellent!! Very knowledgeable, kept the learning fun and interesting!!”

“The humor was quite enjoyable. Loved the stories that brought everything to a grassroots level.”

“John is a great instructor. Very animated, knowledgeable and, most importantly, serious about the course. “

“John is excellent at keeping the class interesting and engaging.”

“Excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable and comfortable with the subject matter.”

“I appreciated John’s energy level and his ability to draw the group into the discussion.”

“John was very lighthearted, fact full, and involved the entire group in a timely manner.”

“John was excellent! Very knowledgeable. Kept learning fun and interesting.”

“Humorous and intelligent. Probably the best instructor I’ve ever had.”

“Excellent speaker. He kept the class moving and made it fun.”

“Very innovative facilitator. Kept the focus and made it interesting – never a dull moment.”

“John provided entertaining examples and was able to keep my attention.”

“John communicated the session clearly and kept the group involved. His humor had interaction between everyone and he kept the course lively.”

“Instructor was great at keeping my attention and has an excellent personality to lead class.”

“He was great. I would love for him to facilitate a teambuild for my group.”

“Excellent instructor: witty, intelligent, fun delivery – excellent.”

“Will use a lot starting tomorrow!!”

“Excellent. Kept the class moving and on subject, yet had right amount of humor to keep people engaged.”

“John is very knowledgeable and has a lot of examples to share.”

“Excellent knowledge of course material.”

“Instructor used real life examples to teach course.”

“John is a great facilitator: on track, upbeat, interesting.”

“John is an excellent instructor. Very articulate and well spoken. His humor was light hearted and well received.”

“Great course. This gives you options and different ways to do things and different perspectives.”

“I felt the most beneficial parts of the workshop were working together to see how we could impact the company through our leadership – see the big picture. Don’t get hung up on smallness!”

“John was extremely effective. He clearly knew the material. Used humor and stories to clarify points.”

“My expectations were surpassed!”

“Instructor did a very good job conveying Ai theory and practice.”