The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) perspective is based on the insight that individuals and organizations get superior results from appreciating strengths, assets, and high point experiences instead of focusing on weaknesses and problems. Based on the work of Cooperrider and Srivastva at Case Western Reserve in the 1980’s, Ai has quickly grown to become one of the most powerful concepts in organizational and individual change.

The AI perspective informs my approach to Leadership DevelopmentPresentation SkillsTeambuildingStrategic PlanningCoaching, and all of my other services.

Most of our attempts at change and improvement focus on finding problems and developing solutions. While well-intentioned and occasionally effective, this problem solving approach often leads to defensiveness, low morale, and paralysis in the face of overwhelming obstacles. This problem-solving approach is so ingrained in most individuals and organizations that it has become unconscious and automatic. Understanding the positive option of Ai gives people a powerful new perspective to approach a variety of situations.

By focusing on what is working and strong, Ai unleashes the energy of hope. The difference is truly amazing!

My Ai workshops vary from brief half-day introductions that allow people to apply this powerful approach in daily interactions to multiple day workshops that prepare people to manage complex organizational change with Ai.

Whatever the length and focus, these Ai workshops are sure to give a more positive perspective and a sense of greater possibilities for the future to participants.

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“I thought I was a positive thinker. Now, I have new ways to use an appreciative approach in all areas of my life and re-think some old habits. Great job, John! Excellent style, format, and overall experience.”

– Lisa Hanger, Indiana Association of United Way, Vice President for Training

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