I’m always interested in hearing of potential guests for the show. Here are some guidelines for the type of guest I like to interview:

A person with a positive focus. I like to talk with people who have a sense of purpose, an excitement for living, a sense of wonder, and feeling of possibility in life.

Representatives of interesting organizations. I’m interested in representatives from both non-profits and businesses, especially if the organization is doing positive and interesting work.

Extraordinary people leading ordinary lives. We are obsessed with fame in our culture. I’m interested in the many people in life that might not be famous, but are exceptional. These could be teachers who have a real love for the job, a person who works at the grocery check out and brings joy to customers, or any other person that brings a great sense of life to living.

Someone not interested in promoting themselves or their business. While I like to talk about what people do for a living, the purpose of the show is not to provide commercial space for people.

Elders who can share what they have learned. I’m interested in talking to people of all ages, but am especially interested in valuing the lessons of elders in our society.

Creative people. I’m using the term creative broadly here. Writers, musicians, visual artists are all very creative, but so are people who can live life with grace and joy in hard times, can create a business from scratch, or improve a community through their service.

If you have someone in mind you think would be a great guest, please send me an email.

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