Presentation Skills, Organization, Delivery, Self-confidence, Positive Image, Workshops, Material, Speakers, Public SpeakingPresentation Skills, Organization, Delivery, Self-confidence, Positive Image, Workshops, Material, Speakers, Public Speaking
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Presentation Skills, Organization, Delivery, Self-confidence, Positive Image, Workshops, Material, Speakers, Public Speaking
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Presentation Skills

Imagine this scene: a workshop participant that has just endured giving a presentation that was awkward, stiff, monotone and just plain boring has now started to talk to the group about her presentation. As she moves from her presenting mode to normal communication, she begins to move, smile, gesture, and use great voice inflection to present like a pro.

I've seen this repeated countless times. My main job as a presentation skills instructor and coach is to allow people to bring their natural ability to communicate to the unique position in front of a group. I use an appreciative approach that creates a fun, encouraging and positive experience that allows participants to discover strengths and develop new skills.

I focus on the two key aspects to becoming a great presenter: mastery of key organization and delivery skills and cultivation of a strong inner game of self-confidence and positive image.

There are two main methods I use to develop speakers:

Presentation Skills Workshops that teach people to design and develop effective material and to present that material with flair, confidence, and clarity. The emphasis in these workshops is practice, with each participant having many opportunities to present and receive feedback. This practice is essential and allows for immediate practice of skills and gives participants an opportunity to develop a sense of confidence and comfort in front of a group.

Each workshop is tailored to the audience. While engineers, physicians and salespeople all must master certain common skills, the nature of a presentation in these different disciplines is unique.

Speaker Coaching is one-on-one work with a speaker that allows for feedback on presentations outside of a workshop setting. This coaching can be done in person or over the phone after review of a taped presentation. Coaching includes working with clients to create dynamic PowerPoint presentations.

I work with a fantastic network of presentation skills experts and we often come together to run multiple sessions for clients in conjunction with product launches and other company meetings.

Much of my current work is in the field of medical presentations in which an understanding of regulations and a comfort working with medical personnel is essential.

"I just want to thank you for doing a great job with our group training. You gave us practical info and made the days fun as well. Clearly, I will be able to improve my future presentations because of your help." Mariann Bartholomew, Administrative Director of Support Systems,
Ball Memorial Hospital

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American Electric Power
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Eli Lilly and Company
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Iron Out
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