Juggling Lessons, Juggling Workshops, Scarves, Activity Talks, Fun, EnergizingJuggling Lessons, Juggling Workshops, Scarves, Activity Talks, Fun, Energizing
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Juggling Lessons, Juggling Workshops, Scarves, Activity Talks, Fun, Energizing

Juggling Workshops for Teachers, Students, and Parents

My Lessons from Juggling workshop is a fun, unique, and informative experience that is great as a teacher in-service, student assembly, or school fundraiser. As a person who teaches about learning, brain research, human potential, goal setting, success and excellence, I find juggling a great activity and metaphor for learning and living.

Participants in my workshops don’t just watch me juggle; they learn to juggle and have a blast with the process. Because I use juggling scarves to introduce people to the process, most people can learn to juggle in a very short time. During the process of learning to juggle, people are introduced to the following concepts:

The positive image/positive action connection

The power of self talk

Learning styles

The power of the unconscious mind in learning

Research on the brain and learning

Reaching goals step by step

Teaching by breaking down complex topics

I tailor my talks to the needs of each audience and can incorporate a wide variety of topics into the juggling experience.

Here’s a sample day that combines a teacher in-service, student assemblies during the school day, and fundraiser in the evening.

Teacher in-service
During this two-hour session, teachers learn to juggle and are introduced to key learning and teach concepts. The session also prepares teachers to work as assistant juggling instructors during the student assemblies that will follow.

Student assemblies
During a series of assemblies during the day, or in one large assembly, students learn to juggle and explore the power of image and self talk in determining their future, keys to learning, and opening their minds to possibilities.

Evening FUNdraiser
In the evening parents, friends, grandparents and others are able to attend a juggling workshop. By charging a modest admission to this event, a school can recoup much of the cost associated with this great day of juggling and learning.

Any of these three events can be done independently or I can format the day to fit your particular needs. For other presentation topics, please click here.

To discuss tailoring a juggling workshop for your school and discuss pricing, please contact us.


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