Juggling Lessons, Juggling Workshops, Scarves, Activity Talks, Fun, Energizing
Juggling Lessons, Juggling Workshops, Scarves, Activity Talks, Fun, EnergizingJuggling Lessons, Juggling Workshops, Scarves, Activity Talks, Fun, Energizing
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Juggling Lessons, Juggling Workshops, Scarves, Activity Talks, Fun, Energizing
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Juggling Lessons

I often integrate juggling as a metaphor and activity in my workshops and talks. Everyone learns to juggle by using scarves, which have a much friendlier relationship to gravity than balls, chainsaws, clubs and other objects you can juggle.

I'm not a clown, but you don't have to wear a red nose and paint your face to have fun and learn from juggling. In almost 20 years of organizational consulting with a variety of organizations, I've found juggling to be the most energizing activity and best teaching metaphor I've ever used. And people love it!

I've used juggling in Appreciative Inquiry, Training Skills, Coaching, Leadership, Creativity and Innovation and Presentation Skills workshops. Juggling is a great way to illustrate the connection between self talk, internal image, and performance.

A room full of dozens of people learning to juggle, laughing, shouting out, "I did it!" is great to experience. I also use juggling as the central activity and metaphor in shorter talks.

After teaching juggling to hundreds of people, I came across research that showed juggling actually helps people grow their brains. I had no idea the impact my juggling lessons were having on the collective IQ of the planet. What a service!

Juggling Workshops, Juggling Lessons, Fun Corporate Workshops, Learning to Juggle

As the result of exhaustive research and my immense bulk buying power, I've found juggling scarves priced low enough that each participant leaves with three high-quality, beautiful scarves.

If you're looking for a talk or workshop that is fun, grows participants' brains, teaches valuable lessons, and brings a surge of energy to your organization, contact me about the high-flying possibility of a juggling workshop.

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